Increase productivity: With the appropriate service tool, marketing processes are streamlined for faster output. The importance of service marketing for local marketers can quickly create brand marketing communications without the need to get more involved at the business level.

It also allows marketing and business design teams to maximize their productivity and focus on more strategic initiatives. Since local teams already have access to a range of editable and approved marketing assets, they no longer need to make unique, time-consuming change requests for business teams, especially when ‘there are hundreds and thousands of franchises.

Increase in sales: Since consumers use digital channels to research products and services before purchasing, it is more important for businesses to have local websites, social media and relevant search engine optimization (SEO).

Google has found that almost a third of all mobile searches are related to location and that 2/3 of smartphone users are more likely to buy from companies whose digital channels are personalized with location information.

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Increase in brand equity: A global organization can improve speed and responsiveness to local markets through marketing assets that can be customized by the local team. Brand equity and brand integrity can be balanced with a local flavor by sending a consistent, but not the same, message to each market.

Reduced costs: The importance of service marketing can help a business control costs in two main areas. Firstly, a local audience is segmented by geographic area and secondly, targeted campaigns can be executed at a lower price with a better return on investment than mainstream campaigns.

The importance of service marketing helps in lowering the cost for service, high-impact channels for local marketing efforts include social media, the local website, and sponsorship of community events. These tend to be less expensive channels than traditional print or media promotions, but have a high return on investment in a local market.

A business can also save money on advertising promotions by pooling the resources of multiple affiliates located in a specific geographic region, increasing the purchasing power of a single location while maximizing the impact of local messaging.

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Advertising: Other advantages of the importance of good service marketing are advertising. As the buzz goes around your exceptional service, the implementation of what you have promised to communicate effectively, you will learn that your good marketing actions will have a positive impact when word of mouth from customers comes back. to “powers in place”. in the media and social marketing platforms. At the end of the day, keeping a promise and having quality products and services will take your business to the next level and make you more successful overall.

Improved analytics: With the right analytics, service marketing offers many opportunities for an organization to collect data analytics to gain valuable insights into the customer journey. Business marketers can also track metrics from local campaigns to gain better insights into geographic performance.

Improved time to market: The importance of good service marketing allows multi-site businesses to benefit from improved time to market. For example, a pharmaceutical company depends on the quick activation of the campaign in time for the flu season. When the brand fails to deploy influenza campaigns in a timely manner, there is a ton of lost revenue.

In this scenario, instead of focusing on updating campaigns for each location, corporate designers can focus on more important branding activities. Each location can be self-service, which frees up designers to create more campaigns.

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