Features of Services:

Following are the 10 features of services discussed below:

 The services are sold exclusively based on the benefits they offer: One thing they should have ordered over time is trust. Therefore, word of mouth advertising and a good reputation are some of the benefits that are critical to making a service mark over time.
 Services may not be available in advance: If you had a restaurant, can you prepare all the dishes one day in advance and then serve the customer when he comes? No, You can not. All you can do is make the ingredients. Even fast-food restaurants ensure that food is replenished every day. A simple reason behind this is that services cannot be stored. They cannot be given in advance. They can only be given when a purchase of the services has been made.
 The usefulness of time is critical: If he was a doctor and gave each patient half an hour, talking about inactive conversations just to make him comfortable, he will probably lose the 10 clients sitting in his lobby. In services, it charges for the amount of time a person consumes. Therefore, the way you use your time is critical to the profitability of your business. A restaurant that has no customers today, will have lost a lot of money to keep the restaurant open, in labor charges, etc.
 The services cannot be transferred: Services cannot be transferred is a features of services outsourcing is the best example of no service transfer. If you want to outsource your calls, can you take the call center to your country? You can’t because the cost will be high again. That is why call centers are in cheaper countries. You cannot separate the process from the source. You must keep the call center services in one place and provide these services in another
 The services perish: The point is similar to the ability to perish from service marketing. The concept is simple if you don’t watch the movie now, you won’t receive a ticket refund. If you do not board your plane or your train, you cannot request the ticket charges. A service once requested, perishes, if left unused.
 A service once consumed cannot be returned: You pay a doctor for consultations and medications. But his illness is not cured or he cannot find the source. Can you ask for your money back? You can not. He gave you the service you asked for. You may no longer request money or you can return the medications and receive the money for the medications. Medicines are not a service.
 Controlling the quality of services is difficult: In a restaurant, the quality of the food served or the service provided will vary during peak hours. In addition, since the services are intangible, it is not possible to measure the quality of the service provided. Therefore, controlling the quality of services over time is very difficult while the human element is involved.
 Changing demand: The demand for services has large fluctuations and can be seasonal. The demand for tourism is seasonal, other services such as the demand for public transport, the cricket field and golf courses have fluctuations in demand.
 Service prices: The quality of services cannot be standardized. The prices of services are generally determined based on demand and competition. For example, room rentals in tourist locations fluctuate according to demand and season, and many of the service providers offer off-season discounts.
 Direct channel: In general, services are provided directly to the client. The client goes directly to the service provider to obtain services such as banks, hotels, doctors, etc. A wider market is reached through franchises such as McDonald’s and Monginis.

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