The main purpose of production and operations management is to effectively manage and utilize the resources of the company which is essential for the production of goods and services. Production management refers to managing the activities related to the production of goods.

On the other hand, operations management is one step ahead of production management, or it can be said that production management is a part of operational management. Operational management, as the name suggests, is the management of business operations by company executives.

The main difference between production and operational management is that production management focuses on the production of goods and services. Operational management, on the other hand, involves activities such as supervision, planning, and designing business activities. Production management is also part of operational management.

Comparison chart between production and operations management




DefinitionProduction Management connotes the administration of the range of activities belonging to the creation of products.Operations Management refers to the part of management concerned with the production and delivery of goods and services.
ObjectiveThe objective of production management is to produce the best goods or services that are of the right quality, right quantity at the right time.Its objective of operations management is to utilize resources, to the extent possible so as to satisfy customers wants.
OccurrenceProduction management occurs on outputs after manufacturing raised in the market.Operations management occurs on input during manufacturing.
Decision makingProduction management decision making is related to the aspects of production.Operations management decision making is related to the regular business activities.
CapitalProduction management requires extra capital to make the capital in the beginning and needless labor because it offers with the unit.The operation management requires less capital funding because it wants extra work and needs immediate outcomes.
Found InProduction management is found in enterprises where production is undertaken.Operations management is found in Banks, Hospitals, Companies including production companies, Agencies, etc.

What is Product Management?

Production management performs many tasks in relation to the production of goods and services. This involves planning, supervising and controlling the activities involved in the production of goods and services. The main purpose of product management is to produce the right quality at the right time and cheaply.

What is Operation Management?

Operational management provides insurance for the smoothness and efficiency of operations in the company. Basically, it refers to the design, implementation, and control of management.

The main goal of operational management is to ensure that the operation of the business is running efficiently and with minimal waste. Functional management tackles very different critical points, from crops and corporate management strategies to determining the construction of information discovery techniques. It ensures materials and work, or another piece of data can be used as part of the best and most productive path imaginable within a merger with these strains multiplying yields.

The key difference between production and operations management:

  • Production management is defined as the management of a set of activities related to the production of materials or the conversion of raw materials into finished products. Rather, Operational Management is the branch of management that deals with the management of both the production of products and the provision of services to customers.
  • Production management is found only in companies where the production of goods is carried out. Unlike, in every company, one can find operational management, that is. Manufacturing concerns, service-oriented companies, banks, hospitals, agents, etc.
  • Production management does not require any entry from the shopkeeper, however, because operational management uses more firms from shoppers.
  • Production management requires additional capital gear to build production at the outset and requires very little labor as it is supplied with units. In contrast, operational management requires very little capital funding, although everyone wants more work because they need immediate results.
  • Operational management is often referred to as the management aspect of issues related to organizational activities and the processes that effectively deal with the team.

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