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The commonness of PowerPoint in presentation tools has made company presentations very daily practice. It can be difficult to attract and hold your audience’s attention with a mundane slide filled with bullet points. This can be an effective tool in some scenarios, but there are many other presentation tools solutions out there that can help you connect with your audience and communicate key ideas.

While customary apparatuses are available for presentation tools, for example, PowerPoint, Google Slides and Keynote would all be able to be utilized to create presentations, you can break the ordinary strategy – essential focuses on basic slides – by including images, making development, and restricting each slide or area to just a couple of key focuses.

Google Slides: Google Slides – One part of the suite of apps – a traditional presentation tools app designed around collaboration. It works much like PowerPoint and other presentation apps, which you used in the past, only Google Slides play free in your browser. Choose a theme for a slideshow, then add standard slide layouts and insert text, graphics and slide transitions from the menu. The new Explore sidebar can suggest layouts that fit the content of your slides for an easy way of polishing your presentation. Then you can present from any browser or from the mobile application of Google Slides.

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Google Slides really shines when it comes to cooperation. Share a link to your presentation, and any person you want, add details to your slide, write a presentation note, and do something else you want in your presentation. To add feedback, add a comment to Google Docs, then see what was changed with the detailed revision log of Google Slides. This is one of the best ways to collaborate on a presentation.

PowerPoint: PowerPoint today runs with iOS and Android apps with traditional Microsoft Office for Mac and Windows everywhere. And they all work together. Create a presentation in PowerPoint Online, then edit it on your work PC, share it with your team so that they can add feedback or editing to any PowerPoint app, then see it on your phone on the way of the meeting, and a link Share it with everyone in the audience. The original presentation tools app can still be of your needs.

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Visme: Visme is a cloud-based presentation tools that enables you to create very visual presentations to draw in watchers and impart your thoughts. It includes a natural, simplified plan technique for making presentations. The business form also organizes brand consistency and company-wide picture stockpiling. When you or your workers create a presentation, it will include hues, logos, and images that are on-brand for your association. This advances consistency crosswise over presentations among your workers. Visme also offers an implicit investigation framework, so you can see who has seen your presentation and who completed it.

Canva: Canva is an online platform that gives formats to a wide scope of business-related distributions, similar to resumes, pamphlets, business cards, media packs, leaflets, and infographics. You can also utilize it to develop presentations. There are several plan designs and layouts to begin with, and you can transfer your very own images or browse more than 1 million of Canva’s stock images. As you assemble your presentation, you can modify content and text styles, add channels to images, and simplified various components for a plan. You can also transfer and spare your company logo.

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Haiku Deck: Haiku Deck is a platform that organizes straightforwardness. Business proprietors can create exquisite, essential presentations with great images. The simple methodology takes into account interfacing with audiences as opposed to losing them in data over-burden because of content overwhelming slides. What isolates Haiku Deck from customary presentation devices is its library of images and exhibit of text styles. It makes it simple to create straightforward, amazing presentations that are available on any gadget.

Zoho Show: The newly redesigned Zoho Show is a clean, clean on the traditional presentation app. Slide to left, tool on the right, and slides that you are working at center You can add new slides with standard layouts, move text and images to slides, and keep your style in line with the theme. You can collaborate with your team with the comments added in the sidebar for each slide.

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SlideCamp: SlideCamp give slide formats to making company presentations. You can alter shading plans, include company logos, import outlines and information, construct infographics, and compose presentations into areas with SlideCamp. This is an incredible answer for keeping up presentation consistency over different presentations from your association. After you set up marking subtleties, representatives will most likely work with predesigned slides to effectively create proficient presentations. It’s designed for bigger businesses, so in case you’re a startup or one-individual company, this may not be a perfect answer for you.

Powtoon: Powtoon is a vivified presentation and video platform for making short instructive recordings and presentations about your image or item. Explainer recordings are a significant piece of a brand’s message, and Powtoon is a reasonable instrument for making vivified recordings and presentations to teach purchasers and customers about your business. You can without much of a stretch alter presentations and recordings, include voiceover, and fabricate an expert encounter for your clients.

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Prezi: Prezi is another layout based presentation arrangement that you can use to create enticing and drawing in presentations with interesting development among “slides” and key focuses. Prezi maps out your entire presentation on a general track that you choose. When you switch slides, it doesn’t just progress to the following one; it takes the watcher through the track to indicate that needs be made. This enables your audience to imagine the movement of your presentation. You can mastermind content under various segments and create a review so your audience can see your whole presentation plan. This technique keeps the presentation composed and your audience locked in. You can also explore openly through your presentation – your track isn’t secured and you can alter when you address which focuses as you’re showing.

VideoScribe: VideoScribe is a whiteboard video presentation platform that enables private ventures to alter their presentations to meet their requirements. These recordings, which include a whiteboard and hand that “draws” various articles and slides in the presentation, are perfect for speedy explainers and promoting recordings on your business or item. You can without much of a stretch spot object, embed message, and even draw your very own articles or content with VideoScribe’s platform.

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Most of the people think they don’t have options other than Powerpoint to make ppt but here you will find that actually we have other options.
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Abhishek Mallav
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