Letter writing:

A letter writing is a written message which can be handwritten or printed on paper. It is usually sent to the recipient via mail or post in an envelope, although this is not needed like this. Any message that is transferred through the post, is a letter, there is a written conversation between the two parties.

Before the advent of modern technology, communication was so easy, the art of writing letters was considered an important requirement. Even today, a letter is an important means of communication between our two spheres as well as in our personal lives.

Now since e-mails and text and other such forms have become ideal for communication, the art of writing has taken a backseat. However, even today, many of our communication, especially formal types, are carried out through letters. Whether it is a cover letter for a job, or the bank is sending you a reminder or a college acceptance letter, the letter is still an important means of communication. So it is important that we know the complexities of writing.

Types of letters:

Let’s first understand that there are roughly two types of letters, such as formal letters and informal letters. But then there are some types of letters based on their content, formalities, the purpose of writing the letter, etc. Let’s take a look at some types of letters.

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Formal Letter: These letters follow a certain type of pattern & formality. They are strictly kept in professional nature, and address issues directly related to them. Any kind of business letter or letter of authority comes in this given category.

A formal letter is any letter written in the professional language, which is with the prescribed format for formal purpose, i.e. it can be a recommendation letter, check sheet, complaint letter, cover letter, and so on. All business letters are formal, but the opposite is not possible. Such letters are used for a number of reasons, such as formal invitations, proposals, references, complaints or inquiries, applications for employment. When writing a formal letter, the following points should be kept in mind:

1. It should be in the specified format.
2. Avoid using unnecessary words in it.
3. It should be at the direct point.
4. It should be relevant and purposeful
5. It should be complicated and completely.
6. It should be free of any mistake, that is, grammatical or spelling.

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Informal Letter: These are personal letters. They do not have to follow any set pattern or follow any formality. They contain personal information or written communication. Informal letters are usually written to friends, acquaintances, relatives, etc.

The letter can be used for some reasons like a message, news, advice, congratulatory recipients, seeking information, asking questions, etc. This is a personal letter, which you are familiar with, such as friends, siblings, parents or any other one. There is no specific format set for writing this letter.

While writing informal letters, someone can behave lovingly, and use personal or emotional tones. Slang or colloquial terms, codes, abbreviations, etc. can be used on the basis of familiarity with the recipient, while writing it.

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Business letter: These letters are written between business correspondents, which usually contains business information such as claims, quotes, complaints, orders, letters for collection, etc. Such letters are formal and strictly follow the structure and pattern of the formalities.

Official letter: This type of letter is written for informing the subordinates of the office, branches, official information. It is usually related to official information such as rules, regulations, procedures, events or any other such information. Official letters are also formal in nature and follow some structure and decoration.

Social Letter: These letters are a personal letter written on the occasion of a special event is known as a social letter. Congratulations, condolences, invitation letters, etc. All the social letters are there.

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Circular Letter: A letter which announces information to a large number of people is a circular letter. A single letter is circulated to a large group of people to enter some important information such as change of address, change in management, partner retirement, etc.

Employment Letter: Any letter related to the employment process, such as joining the letter, promotion letter, application letter, etc.

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