Office Order:

The office order is an order issued by the employer or authorization or senior employees. There are instructions about the work-related information indicated by the organization in the orders of the office. Employees are obliged to accept it. Office order is issued in the month of the week or early Monday to check progress.
Office orders can be issued on any information such as changes in work hours or details of employee designation in promotions or projects. The order of the officer is a downward communication that imposes a stamp of the company.

These offices communicate changes in the designation of the employee or suspending a particular employee and granting privileges, disciplinary proceedings. Sometimes office orders are issued related to the ban.

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They are precise and small at the office’s order point and they explicitly specify the information. Office orders are issued to the individual or the desired target group of the audience.

Features of office order:

  1. An order in which instructions or instructions are compiled by the person receiving the order.
  2. It is a means of communication towards the bottom.
  3. It imposes a stamp of authority and people working at the lower level are bound to accept it.
  4. It is used to communicate matters related to-

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  • Entry
  • Promotion
  • Transfer
  • Suspension
  • Termination of services
  •  Giving/withdrawing some privileges
  • Some restrictions
  • Disciplinary proceedings
  • Refuse to leave an employee

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Essentials of office order:

  1. The order should be very accurate.
  2. It should be written in very simple words.
  3. The order should be written in an unverified language.
  4. It should be clearly specified who they are for.
  5. It should be right and down to the point.
  6. It should attract the attention of the respected person who has to comply with the order of the office.
  7. It should have specific instructions or instructions for compliance.
  8. It should be authenticated and duly signed by a competent authority.

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Ananya Singh
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