A letter is known as an office memorandum or simply a memorandum containing a statement which is usually written by the high officials of an organization for the purpose of sharing information. The main purpose of completing it is to record its purpose and relay information and make a brief appeal. It is also required in the field of business as it helps in building good relations. It also helps in setting up the accountability of things and saves your time and hassle compared to writing letters. In establishments and offices, memos are used to give information about events to any employees or other changes made to the company. Memos are usually less formal than a letter.

Only a certain format can be in a memorandum; This can be a specific format for an office or institution. In particular, in the law, a memorandum is a record of the transaction or terms of the contract, such as a memorandum of agreement, a memorandum of understanding, or a memorandum of association. Alternative formats include memos, reports, letters, briefing notes, binders, etc. They can be one page long or several. They can be considered gray literature. If the user is a cabinet minister or a senior executive, then the format can be strictly defined and limited to one or two pages. If the user is an associate, the format is usually more flexible. A memo may be a handwritten note to someone’s supervisor at its most basic level. In business, usually, a memo is used by firms for internal communication, which is usually contrary to the letters for external communication. Therefore, we can consider it as an upmarket communication process, through which any complaint, issue, opinion,  and suggestion is kept at the authorized level.

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Tips for Writing a Memorandum:

  • You should write a memorandum in a concise and simple way. Be direct with the information you are sharing. Memo is usually not one paragraph or more than two and usually only contain a bulleted list of information.
  • In a formal memorandum which is issued, the initial segment of the section should tell the purpose of the memorandum and then proceed to list additional information.
  • Maintain a professional voice and use a language that is easily understood in writing memos, it has to be read by many people. Keep in mind that you should not include any personal statements.

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Use of Memo:

  • To issue instructions to the goods.
  • To tell the employees about policy changes.
  • To give suggestions
  • Request support or information to confirm a decision made on the telephone etc.

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However, a memorandum cannot be found justified if the case is of a complex or serious nature, which involves a long discussion. A memorandum may be filed for future reference. Therefore, it serves as proof to serve legal issues.

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