Business letter secure, promote, and maintain a business without complications, the business letter provides us a context for the future. Each organization has to classify its outgoing mail and incoming mail and in chronological order, it has to be classified according to its subject. The business letter serves to retain the correct information of the organization in the notion of the receiver. Business letter expands the scope and extent of the business and establishes and maintain contacts on a wide area. All business letter promote goodwill and enhance an organization’s reputation.

Functions of a business letter:

Promotional Functions: By promoting new products and providing better services to business organizations, improving and enhancing the quality of their products. Customers should be informed through these developments. Business organizations have to expand their market by tapping new areas. All-round expansion is possible only if the organization continues to be well-informed by letters to those people and letters promoting them.

Informational work: Professional letters provide valuable data about previous policies, transactions and all other activities of the organization. Modern businesses can not depend on memory like the old days. If they are available then the letters are ready reference. New policies can be developed by studying earlier. Not only is it necessary to maintain good correspondence, but it is also more necessary to make them available in the files.

Legal work: Trade letters can provide evidence in legal disputes, if any, which is in a transaction. They are useful as legal documents in quotes and offers.

Goodwill work: Trade letters promote goodwill among business parties that trade. They make a good rapport between the parties in business transactions.

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Convey information: The fundamental reason for any business letter is to pass on information in regards to business exercises. Information can be transmitted through the business letter to clients, providers, indebted individuals, government experts, monetary organizations, bank, and insurance agencies and to any different gatherings related to the business.

Conclude exchange: This is one of the particular reasons for the business letter. To finish up in finished exchanges business letter are as often as possible utilized.

Creation of interest: Business letter particularly round letters used to make interest for new items. Round letters can convey many individuals at a similar time.

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Creation of generosity: In this electronic period, messages can be sent inside a couple of moments through electronic media however a very much beautified business letter has its own significance in creating a positive picture of the company.

All these works of a business letter promote sales and improve the image of the firm. Therefore, every business letter is a sales letter if it meets the outlined or implied objectives.

Layout/Design/Structure of Business letters:

Address of Sender: It is generally common for the sender to have their address in the letterhead. Alternatively, they can add these details as the first item on the page. In this section, only the physical mailing address should be included without any other contact details.

Date of writing: The date is usually placed below the address of the sender. For letters made in the period of time, they should bear the date when the letter was completed. The U.S. Make sure to differentiate between other international date formats and use them as appropriate. The date is kept in the left or center.

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Receiver’s address: The mailing address of the recipient comes under the date on the left side of the page. Whenever possible, precede it with the recipient’s name and title. In some cases, if the person’s title is unclear, do a little research to verify it. Such information can be easily found on corporate websites.

Best wishes: At the beginning of the letter, the giver who knows how well the sender relies on. In very formal cases, it is acceptable to list the recipient’s title and surname. When two people are on the basis of first name, then read “Greetings [first name]” instead of greetings. If the person’s gender is unknown, then it is best to leave a title and only to list your full name.

Body of the letter: The first paragraph should be written briefly and clearly. Following the reason behind the letter is the practice of adding a brief affirmative sentence. The following paragraphs should be used to expand this cause. Include any necessary details and information to ensure that the recipient fully understands. The last paragraph concluding paragraph is. It should be used to summarize the letter and request any specific functions.

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Ending: After the closing paragraph, leave a blank line, and then add a closing word like “thank you“, “honestly” or “best relationship”. After this, there should always be the signature of the sender and the sender below it. It is usually better to sign the letter individually rather than using a digital copy of the signature. The sender’s name should be typed below the signature. This is particularly useful because most signatures are clearly difficult to read.

Accepted documents: If any supporting documents are attached, then list them under the letter. The title of this section should be “enclosure”. For digital letters, include the actual filename with its extension (ex:- resume.pdf).

Typist’s Identification: If someone else has typed the letter, then they should indicate this by including their initial letters on the bottom of the page. The senders themselves, who write letters, do not need to include their own initials.

Business Letter Format Guidelines:

Block format: This format is the most common version in use. It uses the left jurisdiction paragraph for the entire letter. All text is single-spaced, which consists of double spacing between each paragraph.

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Modified block format: A modified block format is a famous version of a business letter. It follows the formation of the block format except for the date and conclusion of the letter. These two items are focused rather than aligning.

Semi-block format: A semi-block format is heavily used. Instead of aligning paragraphs on the left, they are indented in the first line. Depending on the company’s forms, there may sometimes be other variations for formal business letter formats. If the organization has an official style guide, always refer to the first. Most word processing software programs come with a helpful template which can be used when making a business letter. Simply select the desired template and then plug the information into each section.

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Use of the right fonts: To make sure that the letter is legible, it is important to choose the right font. Avoid fancy fonts that seem strange to the eyes. Size 12 is a standard serif font ideal for Times New Roman. Sense-serif such as Arial can be a little harder to read in the text block; They are better used for headers or single lines. In some cases, different fonts may be acceptable for aesthetic purposes or if it is ideal within the organization’s stationery.

Punctuation, grammar, and spell check: Normally, after a greeting, a colon is placed, and after the completion phrase of the letter, a comma is inserted. The open punctuation method forgets both of them. Always note the spelling, grammar, and punctuation after writing a letter. To catch any dazzling mistakes, run a spell check within the word processor. Another person is also useful for reading the letter and pointing out any remaining errors.

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