Importance of staffing:

It is very important for the organization that the right type of people are employed. They should be given adequate training so that wastage is minimal. They should also be encouraged to show higher productivity and quality by encouraging them.
The importance of staffing is discussed below:

Efficient performance of other tasks: Staffing is key to the efficient performance of other management tasks. Since, if an organization does not have competent personnel, it cannot perform management tasks properly like planning, organizing and controlling.

Effective use of technology and other resources: What is the relationship between staffing and technology? Well, it is the human factor that helps in the effective use of the latest and advanced technology, capital, materials etc. The management of the organization ensures the right type of personnel by performing staffing work.

Development of human capital: Another function of staffing is related to human capital requirements. Since management is required to determine the advance manpower requirements. Therefore, it is also to train and develop existing personnel for career advancement. This will meet the needs of the company in the future.

Motivation of Human Resources: In an organization, the behavior of individuals is influenced by various factors, which are related to the level of education, needs, socio-cultural factors etc. Therefore, the human aspects of the organization have become very important and hence the employee of the organization or company can also be motivated by financial and non-financial incentives so that they can perform their tasks properly in achieving the objectives.

Building higher morale: Employees must create the right kind of climate to contribute to the achievement of organizational objectives. Therefore, by effectively and efficiently performing the staffing function, management is able to describe the importance and importance that it gives to the personnel working in the enterprise.

Reduces cost of production: Staffing also plays an important role in reducing the cost of production. Because it helps to appoint the right person at the right time, at the right time, so that no wastage and mistakes are made by skilled personnel during the production of the products. Therefore, it is clear that it helps to reduce production costs.

For Job Satisfaction: Staffing is an important source for the job satisfaction of the employee. Because through this system personnel are allocated jobs according to their ability, talent, qualifications and expertise which provide employees more satisfaction about their jobs. As a result of this, they give their hundred percent effort behind their jobs.

Fulfill the present and future needs of the employees: Staffing is very important to meet the future needs of the employees at present. Because it gives a clear picture to the organization how many posts will be vacant and new posts will be established in the coming year. So that the organization can fill those vacant and new positions by appointing qualified candidates. Thus, it is clear that the employee meets the present and future needs of the employees in the organization.

To maintain coordination among employees: Staffing plays a major role in establishing unity and coordination among employees. Because it provides the job according to the ability, talent, competence, and expertise of the employee which incorporates them in their tasks and ensures healthy and cooperative relationships among the employees.


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