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Notice writing is formal communication targeting a particular person or group of individuals. It is like news that informs such persons or persons of any important event. This can be an invite for a meeting, an announcement of a program, issuing some instructions, appealing, etc.

It is usually written and then displayed in a public place, where it is accessible to all. They can be pasted on notice boards. If it is for a wider audience, then it can be published in the newspaper too. When the government issues notice, it should be published in national and local letters.

Writing Notice Format:

  • Issuing Organization / Authority Name: On the top, you print the name of the person or company which is issuing the notice. This will help the reader identify the notices as important or unimportant.
  • Title: When writing a notice we mention the title “information” at the top. This helps in attracting attention to the document. The notices are generally published in a public place or in newspapers. It is important that they do not lose information in the sea. So a bold title clearly mentioned helps to attract attention.
  • Date: After tile on the left-hand side, we print on the date on which the notices have been published. Since this is a formal document, it is an important aspect because these documents remain on the record.
  • Title: Then we do a proper notice at the top. This title should clarify the purpose of it in abundance.
  • Body: After the heading, we write a brief and point body to notice. The main material of writing notice is the features in the body.
  • Author’s Name: At the end of the notice, we write the information writer’s name and designation. The information should also be signed by the same person who gave him authority and legality.
    Some important points should be included in writing the notice, which should be told to the readers. Let’s summarize the five points which will cover the contents of the notice,
  • What: What is it about? The notice should be clear what is going to happen (incident), or that has already happened (opportunity). This is the essence of the message and it should be written clearly. There should be no ambiguity.
  • Where: If the notice is about an event, then the place of such an incident should be clearly written. The place is important details, so be sure to include it.
  • When: It is the time and the date of the event or meeting. If possible, the duration of the incident should also be mentioned, people can set their time accordingly.
  • Who: This is what will address the notice. Those who are supposed to follow it should be clearly mentioned to avoid confusion.
  • To whom: It refers to who the proper authority is to contact.

Notice Template:

Notice Writing


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